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Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves a therapist, along with 7-10 members that are experiencing a similar concern. Group therapy can reduce wait times and give more people access to mental healthcare, and it is just as effective as individual therapy!

Current Offering
Evolving Into Motherhood: Anxiety + Depression Support for New Mothers

The first year of motherhood can be an all-encompassing roller-coaster ride. With soaring highs and devastating lows. While it can include joy, amazement, love, and excitement it can also be lonely, isolating, exhausting, scary, and guilt-ridden all at the same time. While these emotions are all a normal part of the motherhood experience sometimes, they can become overwhelming and prevent us from being the mother we want to be.

What you’ll get:
✨Support from a group of other mammas that understand what you're going through
✨Supplemental wellness offerings like yoga, meditation
✨Guidance from a licensed mental health counselor
✨Learning ways to manage your emotional journey
✨Identify ways in which to increase
✨communication with your partner
✨Cultivate attachment + bonding with your baby

...and so much more!


  • Must be a resident of Massachusetts and living in the state in order to participate.

  • Insurances accepted: Harvard Pilgrim, Allways (MassGeneral Brigham), United HealthCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Self-pay option available

OPEN Enrollment for our May cohort

You can register for the next round that will begin May 15th from 6pm - 7:30pm, EST


Client Testimonial

“The Evolving into Motherhood Group was the perfect thing for helping me navigate my new reality of having a 6-week old daughter. While Instagram and friends and family and strangers were all full of advice (both useful and decidedly not), having a dedicated space led by a trained therapist facilitator for community and commiseration with other new moms was a life saver. I could share my concerns with the group and receive non-judgmental support and techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety. Knowing I had the weekly groups in my future helped on days when I felt lost and low. I would highly recommend any new mom join one of these future groups. I hope they run one for parenting older kids one day!”

*Testimonial was obtained with consent from the client.

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