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Mindfulness: 3 Easy Ways to Apply it to Daily Life

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that has become a mainstream part of psychotherapy.

Practicing mindfulness techniques can reduce stress anxiety and depression, increase self-control,

concentration improvement, better mood and increase self-awareness along with other benefits.

Here are some easy ways to apply mindfulness techniques to your daily life:

  • Practice Gratitude – When we focus our attention on what is positive in our lives, all that we have instead of what might be missing, it gently brings more positives to the forefront of our mind so that we are able to more easily arrive in the present moment instead of worry about the future or reworking the past.

  • Check in with your body – Our bodies are constantly sending us messages. Take time to check in with your body, notice what you are feeling, where you might be holding tension, do you have aches and pains, do you feel heavy or light, is your heart racing, are you sweating? Connecting your awareness to your physical body brings you to the present moment and connects you to information you need to better take care of your body.

  • Focus on your breath – Another connecting point to your physical body that brings attention to the moment. By bringing our attention to our breath we can support our parasympathetic. This is the network or nerves that relaxes our bodies, often called ‘rest and digest’. When we activate this, we send a message to our brain that tells us that we are safe and can begin to relax.

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