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Travel Essentials for Optimal Wellness

Whether you are going on day trips or heading across the Atlantic, having certain products on hand can bring you relief knowing 1) that you're staying consistent and committed to your health goals, 2) you're continuing to take care of yourself despite being on vacation, 3) because why not?!

Here are our favorite products that are a must for keeping our mind + bodies functioning optimally while we are on vacation, at a training, or leading a workshop:

Thieves Wipes + Hand Sanitizer

These are our total go-to's! When sitting at the airport, on the plane, train, or bus, at a restaurant, or literally ANYWHERE that may feel icky - these two have us covered. Made from 100% pure essential oils, these products are safe and free of chemicals that disrupt our health, all while doing their job! We love using the entire Thieves line from YoungLiving. Curious? You can browse + shop these products by clicking here using our referral link.

BeeKeeper Naturals Throat Spray

When traveling, your immune system may be impacted. We are OBSESSED with this throat spray by BeeKeeper Naturals. It not only supports your immune system, but it contains tons of vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial for our body's functions. You may find us carrying not only one, but two when we are out and about!


Protecting our skin is so important. Sunscreen not only protects our skin, but helps decrease inflammation in the body. Are you someone that constantly is staring at the screen? The light from our phones and computers can impact our skin. Even the atmosphere while sitting on an airplane, where you can be impacted by UVA - which penetrates deeper into the skin! 😮

We have a few favorite brands when it comes to sunscreen/sun protection:


We never leave without our supplements! Of course, we cannot take them all because it would be ridiculous, but we do take some important ones. Instead of carrying bottles, we use a daily pill travel case which is great. We use trusted brands like MegaFoods, Standard Process, and Systemic Formulas.

Our must-have supplements are:

  • Vitamin D | digestion, mood, immune health

  • Ashwagandha | stress reduction, manages blood sugars, reduces inflammation

  • Zypan | supports health + normal digestion

  • Magnesium Citrate + Malate | sleep, relaxation, stress reduction

Be Calm Roll-On

Vacations and road trips are exciting, but can be stressful. We usually throw in our bag an essential oil roll-on or a "couple" of essential oil bottles 😂 Lavender is our go-to essential oil, along with frankincense.


Reflection, brain dump, gratitude. A journal can hold so much space for us, especially while away. Maybe this is a perfect time to open it up, decompress, and let go.

Electrolytes + BKR Bottle

We cannot leave the house without some Cure electrolyte packets and our BKR glass water bottle. Dehydration is one of the main signs of anxiety and depression, and staying hydrated while in-flight or traveling is so important.

Chapstick, Lotion, Sheet Masks - Oh My!

Along with hydration, keeping our skin nourished is also key! We bring along chapstick to nourish our lips, lotion to nourish our hands, feet, and skin, and a hydrating sheet mask for our fave. You may be reading this thinking we bring the entire spa with us, but trust us - we keep it simple 😉


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