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Wellness Tips for the Holiday Season

  • You are allowed to RSVP no to invitations and gatherings that will not bring you joy. This is your holiday too.

  • You are allowed to set boundaries with friends and family.

  • You do not have to talk about topics that make you feel uncomfortable

  • It is perfectly OK to take a break from family. Family time is great but alone time to recharge is also important.

  • Prioritize quality sleep. Not getting enough sleep causes us to have a low frustration tolerance, and makes managing our emotions difficult.

  • Stick to your routines! Just because it is the holiday season does not mean you have to sacrifice your routine

  • Think about moderation. It’s very easy to overindulge with food and or alcohol. Keep in mind that while eating and drinking may make us feel good in that moment, it can also lead to an increase in depression, anxiety, guilt and shame.

  • Having realistic expectations. While most of us have seen the movies where the holidays are spent in a spotless house decorated perfectly with the perfect family- keep in mind that no one has a perfect home or family and that is ok.

  • Ask for help.There is nothing with asking friends and or family to bring an appetizer or side dish. Everyone needs help!

  • Schedule self check-in’s

  • Embrace the imperfect moments

  • Shift your focus from “doing more” or “doing less” to doing what you value, and what makes you happy

  • Heavy meals + increased alcohol consumption + poor sleep = dehydration, fatigue, and irritability. Try to stay hydrated throughout the day, aim for 8-10 glasses of water per day

  • Be compassionate with yourself and others. We’re all in this together, we may be in transition, we may be feeling hopeful, excited, worried and or stressed.

  • Remember the big picture. In a few weeks after the holidays are over, life will go back to normal and we will fall back into our normal routines.

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