Our Approach + Mission

We are a holistic and integrative counseling + wellness practice that strives to assist you in finding the root cause for what you have been experiencing, thus bringing you back to balance. We believe that there are so many factors that contribute to dysfunction in our health, and if one aspect is off then that's when we start to experience symptoms. These symptoms - whether a warm body temperature, a headache, or anxiety - are energetic shifts in our body that alert us. Through the process of counseling, wellness programs, specific approaches, and other offerings we provide, you will explore these dysfunctions, get to the root of them, and ultimately become a more balanced self.

Wherever you are at in this moment, that's where we will begin. Together we will uncover, strengthen, and uplift the loose pieces that create who you are. Just remember: the anchor will always be there and can be used anytime throughout the process

White Sand and Stone

Meet The Team

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Owner, Psychotherapist

My hope is that I can help you to be the best version of yourself. No gimmicks, no fancy treatments. Just you and I - together as a team to uncover the hidden gems that lie underneath all the layers that make you who you are.

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I help you overcome barriers, teach you healthy ways to cope through daily life stressors, improve self-esteem, build confidence and conquer life’s challenges.

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It takes strength to admit that life has become unmanageable, that your previous ways of coping are less effective than they use to be. I am here to meet you where you are at and help you every step of the way.




I incorporate and draw upon Shamanic techniques and Buddhist teachings which influence the space I hold for the clients I work with. I am very much looking forward to joining you on your path to inner healing and journey towards a fully integrated sense of self.

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Clinical Intern

I am in my last year of my Masters in Social Work Advanced Standing program at Salem State. I take a holistic approach in my clinical work to get a sense of the person as a whole as we know everything is connected!