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All areas of your life are assessed to provide insight what may be contributing to dysfunction. We will explore the different components that make you who you are - physical, emotional, spiritual. This approach to treatment can assist you in working towards healing and self-discovery.

*Telehealth only offered at this time

wellness programs.

Programs are offered based on the needs of the community. These are virtual, self-paced programs that last between 6-8 weeks. 

*Not a form of treatment. These programs are self-paced + for educational purposes only.


Through the use of HeartMath technology, you will learn to create harmony within your mind and body. The HeartMath device has been empirically studied and tested, and has shown how the rhythm of our heart directly impacts our body's cognitive and emotional functions. 


This modality is recommended for those who are suffering from challenges with weight*, stress, insomnia, anxiety relief, and chronic pain.

*Modifications with diet and exercise play factor.

Coming Soon


Let's chat all things wellness in these 30-90 minute workshops. From topics in psychology to inflammation and the gut - join us for these informative sessions. 

red light therapy.

Boost ATP - energy - in the mind and body through the use of red light therapy, also known as photoimobulation. Improve stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia during this 30 minute session. 

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Through the practice of meditation, we will navigate through life's obstacles and assist you in finding a space in which can bring forth peace and tranquility. Sometimes we need to set time aside to ground ourselves and freeze the world around us. Press pause and allow yourself to travel to wherever you need to go. 

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