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Mental Health: Mind Matters Exhibit at the Museum of Science

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

We cannot separate the mind from the body. They interact with and react to one

another continuously. Mind and body are so incredibly connected. Humans are complex beings

with emotions, consciousness and many other aspects that make us such unique mammals and

unique individuals.

The Boston Museum of Science is holding an exhibit open now through January 22nd ,

2023 titled, Mental Health: Mind Matters. “…the Museum’s newest special exhibition,

provides a safe space for important conversations about mental illnesses through four

key themes.”

The four key themes the exhibit touches on are as follow:

1. Interactive Learning – Devices are used to show the similarities and

commonalities of mental illness in relation to other illnesses.

2. Empathy Building – Hear from individuals on how mental illness has affected

them, play games that clients may do as part of their therapy to create

understanding of other’s struggles.

3. Understanding Emotions – Engage in activities that help build emotional

intelligence and understanding

4. Support System – Identifying resource centers and providing education

around using supporting language when someone asks for help or discussion

around mental illness is being had.

For more information and to purchase tickets, head to the Museum of Science’s

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