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Alicia's Go-To Wellness Spots

In a recent Instagram live, I talked about my favorite, local services in Massachusetts. When it comes to wellness, services, or products, you name it and I probably have tried it. I love trying out different things so that I may not only recommend them to the community, but also benefit myself. Focusing on my wellness is such an important component of who I am so that I may help others to the best of my ability.

Here are some favorite places that are worth noting:

  1. Nutrition + Whole Health Solutions - I absolutely love eveyrthing this place stands for and their approach to healing. Want to find out what's dysfunctioning in your body? Work on a nutrition plan to assist you with IBS symptoms? Don't want to go on anti-anxiety medication, but want to try a natural approach to see if that helps? The team here is absolutely amazing + I highly recommend all their services. My top favorites are the foot detox bath + nutrition response testing. Check out their website to read more 👉🏼

  2. Cultivate Clarity | Polarity Therapy - Energy Healing - So after you finish your healing at NWHS, head down the street (yes, literally) to Crystal where she will create a space for you to transform, and find clarity + alignment. Crystal's presence will instantly allow your to release what no longer is serving you and just be present in that moment. Check out her website to read more 👉🏼

  3. New Moon Wellness - Reiki + Sound Bath Healing Session - Guys, I was blown away when I tried this. Totaling VIBING on another level. And I did it through ZOOM!! Who would have thought? Absolutely a must-try. Lauren's technique allows you to feel peace and serenity the moment the session begins. Check out her website to read more 👉🏼

  4. Jay Guanci Acupuncture - Totally a must try. Jay listens to your concerns and educates you on the process. I went for migraines a few years ago and honestly found major improvement. Can help for things from anxiety to infertility and beyond. Tap into your meridians and release the energy that's blocked in your body. And don't worry - the little needs don't hurt! Check out his website to read more 👉🏼

  5. The Remedy Exchange - Who though healthy smoothies could actually taste good? Wasn't until I stepped in here a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. Check out their website 👉🏼


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