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Harmful Food Additives + Our Health

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Environmental Working Group, or EWG, is a company that works to fight against

harmful toxins and additives in our produce and products. They provide a wide range of

information on toxic ingredients and their known effects and links to cancer, nervous system

dysfunctions and more! We are lucky to have agencies like EWG working and advocating for

clean, healthy products. But you can do so much too! You can become aware and informed of

some of these ingredients to look out for when making purchase decisions at the grocery store.

You can also download their app which allows you to scan the barcode of any item while you’re

shopping to check for harmful ingredients and toxins! You can also look up brands and certain

products right on the app to read more about them.

To go over a few different categories of toxins, we’ll start with chemicals. The term

chemical is typically used to refer to a substance that has some sort of health harm. Bisphenol A,

we know it as BPA, is a chemical compound primarily used in the manufacturing of various

plastics. BPA is an endocrine disruptor. Meaning it is a reproductive, developmental, and

systemic toxicant. Some of the risk factors from BPA absorption into the body can result in the

development of metabolic disorders such as low sex-specific neurodevelopment, immune

toxicity, neurotoxicity and interference of cellular pathways. PFAS are another harmful chemical

found in nonstick pans, waterproof jackets and more. These toxins cause harm to the immune

system and the developing fetus. They also contribute to an increased risk of cancer. All of these

chemicals are also found in food packaging!

If you want to learn more about harmful chemicals in our produce and our products and

how you can make the best choices to keep yourself and your families healthy and safe, check

out EWG for more information. I have included a pdf from them that shows a brief list of

food additives to look out for that are linked to cancer, nervous system harm and immune system


Download PDF • 58KB

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