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We are a holistic and integrative counseling + wellness practice that strives to assist you in finding the root cause for what you have been experiencing, thus bringing you back to balance. We believe that there are so many factors that contribute to dysfunction in our health, and if one aspect is off then that's when we start to experience symptoms. These symptoms - whether a warm body temperature, a headache, or anxiety - are energetic shifts in our body that alert us. Through the process of counseling, wellness programs, specific approaches, and other offerings we provide, you will explore these dysfunctions, get to the root of them, and ultimately become a more balanced self.

Wherever you are at in this moment, that's where we will begin. Together we will uncover, strengthen, and uplift the loose pieces that create who you are. Just remember: the anchor will always be there and can be used anytime throughout the process

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I love the products that are carried in The Wellness Shop! It is wonderful to know that someone spends the time researching and testing out the products that are sold before they are offered to the community. I really can't pick a favorite product so far - I love everything!

The Unplugged Social Media Detox program blew me away. I did not realize how much social media has impacted me to the extent that it did. After this program, I totally had a mindset shift. Highly recommended and can be done on your own time if you are a busy mom like me!

Alicia's approach to counseling is so different than other therapists I have gone to in the past. She has so much knowledge in other areas, not just psychology which really sets her apart from other providers I have gone to. Alicia helps to find the root concern of what you have been struggling with, which has made a HUGE difference in how I see myself, feel, and now live my life.

Dealing with the pandemic brought me so much anxiety and the fear that I did not know what I would do if I did not have Alicia's support. She was able to teach me tools to use outside of the appointments and remind me that I am capable of getting through whatever comes my way....and I most definitely have.

evolving into motherhood:
anxiety + depression support for new mothers


The first year of motherhood can be an all-encompassing roller-coaster ride. With soaring highs and devastating lows. While it can include joy, amazement, love, and excitement it can also be lonely, isolating, exhausting, scary, and guilt-ridden all at the same time. While these emotions are all a normal part of the motherhood experience sometimes, they can become overwhelming and prevent us from being the mother we want to be. At these times it can be helpful to talk to other mothers undergoing similar hardships. 

The Evolving into Motherhood: Anxiety and Depression Support for New Mothers is a six-week support group for mothers in the first year of their child’s life experiencing postpartum anxiety and depression.

We welcome mothers to a safe non-judgmental space to learn and process together. Over the six weeks we will be covering multiple topics including coping tools, self care, communication with partner, attachment with baby, and healing through supplemental offerings such as yoga and sound healing. This group will provide you with a safe space to discuss your feelings and struggles with other new mothers undergoing similar journeys.


Deadline to register is January 18th at 8pm EST. 

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