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How We Support The Mamas In Our Community

At A Balanced Self, we are dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness, particularly for mothers in our community. We are excited to announce several upcoming events and therapeutic services that focus on supporting maternal mental health. These aim to provide a safe and nurturing space for mothers to connect with one another, find clarity, and restore harmony within themselves as they navigate their journey.

Our current offerings are carefully curated and designed to address the unique mental health challenges faced by mothers. We understand that motherhood can be overwhelming at times, and our goal is to provide resources and support to help one navigate those challenges.

Individual Therapy is offered virtually and in-person options to meet with a licensed mental health provider. This approach to treatment is individualized. Whether you are reaching out for postpartum anxiety, to process your birth, discuss challenges with conception, or as a preventative measure to assist during their journey - we are here for you! Our team has a diverse skill set, training, and expertise. You can read more about them by clicking here.

If you are looking for something to compliment your 1:1 sessions with your therapist or want a jumpstart into therapy, we also offer group therapy. Group therapy support is just as effective as individual counseling, focusing on a certain area of mental health, paired with group members and a licensed mental health provider. We offer our signature Evolving Into Motherhood Group every few months, which is our most popular offering currently!

We also love helping others beyond our counseling sessions, and offer various supportive workshops, seminars, and classes in the community. You can check out our upcoming events below. We are always adding to our list, so definitely check back for more! If there is something you do not see and would love support in, message us.

You can learn more about we offer for mamas at A Balanced Self by visiting our A Balanced Mama page!


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