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A Look Into Lymphatic Massage

Okay, so I tried a lymphatic massage recently and all I can say is I want to get one every week! This body treatment was too good not to share with our community, so here are all the details.

What is a Lymphatic Massage?

In short, this type of massage relieves swelling in the body. If our lymph nodes cannot detox the toxins we have, illness and symptoms result. This massage helps to manipulate areas of our body to help the lymph be eliminated.

Signs Your Lymphatic System is Backed Up

  • Headaches

  • Brain fog

  • Lack of energy

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Recurrent sore throats

  • Mucous in the AM and/or drainage

  • Ears popping + ringing

  • Fluid in the ears

  • Constipation or sluggish bowel movements

  • Inability to lose weight

  • Inability to fight infection

  • Soreness or stiffness upon wakening

  • Bloating, swelling, or heaviness in extremities

  • Arm or hands fall asleep while sleeping

  • Pain, pressure, or stiffness along your spine + shoulders

  • Sore breasts or breast swelling with your menstrual cycle

  • Itchy skin

  • Acne, dry skin, or other skin concerns


  • Helps body detox

  • Strengthens immune system and fights off infections that are stagnant in the body

  • Improves digestion

  • Minimizes stress and fatigue

  • Boosts energy

  • Helps with insomnia

  • Improves cellulite, skin swelling, scar tissue, acne, and stretch marks

  • Removes metabolic waste, excess water, toxins, and bacteria

  • Reduces water retention

  • Helps the body heal from surgical trauma faster

  • Promotes relaxation

Things You Can Do To Heal Your System

  • Increase daily water intake

  • Alternate hot + cold showers

  • Minimize toxin exposure

  • Add a jade roller or gua sha to your skin routine (can be calming at nighttime to do before bed)

  • Dry brush before you shower

  • Be consistent with your vitamins + supplements

  • Utilize a sauna

  • Get lymphatic drainage massages

  • Take warm epsom salt baths

  • Acupuncture

  • Daily movement

    • Yoga

    • Walking

    • Jump rope

    • Weight training

  • Find balance in your nutrition:

    • Eat leafy greens, raw watery foods, healthy fats

    • Avoid processed + refined foods

    • Add supplements such as probiotics, magnesium, omega-3's

    • Warm lemon water + ACV

Alicia's Experience

I have been curious about trying this type of massage for some time. Literally did a Google search for what was in my area, looked at each business I found, and made an informed decision. For my treatment, I went to Namaste Spa in Danvers, MA. When I walked in, I noticed a lotus on the wall and knew it was going to be a a good fit 🪷

Overall, I found it very different than a traditional massage, but it did have some traditional massage elements. The main focus of this treatment was detoxification, which was done manually by the therapist and also with different wooden tools. There was a lot of pumping in areas that the lymph nodes reside in, followed by massaging the area of the body towards the lymph nodes. The therapist explained to me (I asked questions the whole time since I was curious 😊 ) the pumping of the lymph nodes awaken them, so that when the therapist massages towards them, what is stagnant in the body gets eliminated. Totally made sense for me!

I did their body glow combo, which was a body and facial massage. The facial massage was very relaxing, and different tools were used during that as well. When I got up from the bed, noticed my face felt less puffy and I physically felt lighter. I did not feel sick afterwards or any odd symptoms. The therapist suggested to hydrate a lot that day and that some experience frequent urination post-treatment due to the elimination of the toxins.

I can't wait to go back and experience this again, minus the me talking the whole time - will definitely go into it with a different intention. Of course, this may not be for everyone so definitely consult with your doctor prior to scheduling an appointment.

Want to work on lymphatic drainage at home?

Checkout our the dry brush in our Wellness Shop, which is available now for pre-order.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know!



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