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Dry Brushing - Mind|Body Benefits

We sometimes tend to ignore the body's largest organ - the skin. If we put a little bit more focus into taking care of our skin, we not only will see benefits externally, but internally too.


Reduces inflammation

Smoothes skin

Improves circulation

Soothes anxiety + depression

Circulating fresh lymphatic fluid to the node

Mental alertness


Dry brush every day before you shower, while the water is getting warm. Start at the soles of your feet brush your skin towards your heart (pay attention to joints where lymphatic fluid can collect). Be careful not to brush too aggressively!

On your stomach brush in a clockwise motion. Then brush from your hands towards your heart, give a few extra brush strokes to your armpits where there are a lot of lymph nodes. Along your chest and back continue to brush towards you heart. Then hop in the shower!

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*Please consult your physician or healthcare provider if you suffer from circulatory concerns, such as heart disease or diabetes.

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