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Things You Can Do Instead of Scrolling on Social Media

Do you find yourself scrolling endlessly on social media? Would you rather be doing something else but unsure what to do? Here are some ideas for activities that can contribute to your overall wellness instead of scrolling social media.

  • Take a walk

  • Cook a meal or make a snack

  • Read a book

  • Put lotion or oil on

  • Stretch

  • Do yoga

  • Listen to music

  • Go to the gym

  • Sign up to volunteer at an event

  • Talk with a friend/family member/loved one, in person or on the phone

  • Do something creative

  • Coloring books for adults

  • Journal

  • People watch

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Try something new

  • Share your dreams with someone

  • Make a dream board

  • Go over your finances

  • Make travel plans

  • Search good restaurants to check out

  • Sit by the water or in nature

If you simply don’t want to put your phone down yet, start removing negative accounts.

These may be people in your life, celebrities, or other pages. Follow ones more aligned with

your goals and where you see yourself going/growing towards!

Ex. Unfollow the news, drinking pages, celebrities. Follow small businesses, nutritionists,

mental health professionals, good news movements, causes you’re passionate about, pages

you enjoy, if you like to dance follow a dancer or dance group, cooking pages, jewelry making,

health and wellness pages etc.

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