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Habits That Can Make Anxiety Worse

Skipping Meals – This can cause hypoglycemia and lead to symptoms such as irritability, nervousness, dizziness, light-headedness, and weakness

Reaching For Sugar – Sugar has the ability to temporarily suppress anxiety and tension, but

studies show that it increases the risk of anxiety and depression as well as other health

problems and diseases likely to make anxiety worse over time

Poor Eating Habits – Can affect your intake of essential nutrients necessary for mental health

and the functioning of the nervous system (see our article on foods for brain health)

Not exercising – Your body is designed to move and if you sit down all day, and never exercise,

your anxiety is likely to suffer as a result. Thoughts manifesting into emotions throughout the

day can result in physical ailments when left stagnant in the body – not being expressed,

released or moved.

Drinking Caffeine – Caffeine is an ‘anxiety amplifier’ that often affects anxiety hours later

making it difficult to realize the connection between the two.

Eating Processed Foods – Processed foods contain additives, oils, MSGs, and other ingredients

that contribute to anxiety, depressed mood, and reduce social behavior.

Not Getting Enough Fluids – Dehydration causes stress to your body and when your body is

stressed you can experience common anxiety symptoms.

Lack of Sleep – Getting less than eight hours of sleep can increase repetitive negative thoughts

and make it harder to let go of anxious thinking patterns and symptoms of anxiety

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