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The Sacral Chakra + Mental Health

Our chakras are energy centers in which when they are blocked, there is disruptions in our physical and mental health. It is important to notice when these shifts occur so that we may tend to them and release what's been blocked or weighing us down.

When the sacral chakra is blocked, we experience both physical and mental health concerns and feel confused as to what is happening to us. We may feel joint pain and think it is arthritis or impact from a strenuous activity. We may experience intense anxiety or insecurity, and may not know why. It is important to combine both mind + body to examine what the root cause is to make not only a sound conclusion, but know how to help ourselves.

In order to create harmony with our sacral chakra, we can meditate, practice yoga, connect with the ocean or another body of water, use essential oils, and practice affirmations. Through these practices we can release and break up the blockages that have been created in this energy center. The blockage of the chakra may have occurred overtime until the symptoms manifested. So you may have been feeling okay for a few weeks...few months.. and then BOOM... you begin to feel anxious, guilty, resentful, start to have back and joint pain...out of nowhere. It may be your sacral chakra trying to tell you something. Just listen and look a little bit closer.


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