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4 Ways to Stop Overthinking

73% of adults between ages 25-35 overthink! 😳

When you overthink, you are actually not making the situation better + allowing your thoughts and feelings to get stronger in your mind. Have you ever been caught up in this? You are trying to figure out all worst case scenarios, solutions, and prepare yourself for what may happen. But the anxiety, fear, thoughts don't go away. They are there, in your face, bugging you. As much as you try to ignore they don't want to leave.

Want to know why? If we create a spotlight on whatever is happening over and over again, our brain creates shortcuts with these experiences - whether positive or negative. So every time you begin to worry, your brain goes on autopilot.

Don't worry - you can undo these presets in your brain but it will take practice, patience, and consistency ❤️


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