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Sleep is Magic

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

All conditions (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) can worsen without adequate sleep. The body and brain both need sleep to feel restored and to function well. Sleep can play a role in our irritability, our anger, our stress tolerance, cortisol levels, hormone levels and so much more.

Here are some tips for better sleep!

  1. Set up a bedtime routine for yourself and be consistent.

  2. No screen time an hour before bedtime.

  3. Use your bed for sleep and sleep only. Don’t watch TV, eat, play on your phone, or stress out and over think while in bed. When we engage in these other activities in our bed it makes it more difficult for our brains and bodies to associate our bed with sleep. We want to lay down and both our brains and our bodies to know it is now time to sleep. It is not time to be stimulated or worried, it is time to nourish ourselves by resting and sleeping.

  4. Go to bed close to the same time every night and wake up near the same time every morning. Developing routine regulates our nervous systems and can decrease anxiety levels in that there is less room for anticipation, worry and the unknown.

  5. Stop stressful activities like watching the news, a scary and or thriller movie, scrolling social media, or engaging in heated discussions 30-60 minutes before your desired sleep time.

  6. If you want something soothing prior to bed, try a breathing exercise or guided meditation, gentle stretching, journaling, listening to soothing music or sounds, taking a warm bath or shower, or reading a paperback book, not a digital book.

  7. Make your bedroom dark and quiet, and keep the temperature comfortable.

  8. Try not to drink alcohol or caffeine late, or eat large meals close to bedtime.

  9. Try to get in some physical exercise each day as this will help you feel tired when it is bedtime. In today’s world our minds and nervous systems are so stimulated and overloaded but our bodies are moving less and less. If we engage in at least 30min of exercise each day, this can be a walk, it contributes significantly to better overall sleep.


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