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Introducing: Seeking Calm - A Toolbox for Mental Well-Being

With the pandemic, there has been an influx in the amount of individuals seeking mental health treatment. The dilemma? No providers available, waitlists with no end in sight, and constantly hearing the word "No" when reaching out to a therapist.

Turning individuals away is something that breaks my heart, but I am only one person. So, I took some time to think about what I could do to help those seeking services.

Welcome to Seeking Calm: A Toolbox for Mental Well-Being. This bundle has been curated by yours truly to provide you a set of tools to assist you while you are trying to find a therapist, if you are on a waitlist, or are just in general trying to better yourself and your overall wellness. It does not take place of counseling at all, but is a guide to help you get started in your journey. If you do feel as if you need immediate assistance, please contact your primary care provider, call 911, or go to a local emergency room.

This bundle consists of the following:

✨Wellness Kit: a crystal, teas, eye pillow, + candle

✨2 guided meditations

✨Inspirational quotes

✨30 journal prompts, mood check-ins, reflections, worksheets

✨Psychoeducation about stress and it's impact on mental/physical well-being

✨Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

✨Tips to reduce stress: affirmations, coping skills

✨Mindset: Fixed vs Growth

✨Mood + Food: Nutrition tips, grocery store recommendations

✨A curated list of supplements to support mental wellness from our friends at Nutrition + Whole Health Solutions (products sold separately at NWHS)

✨Resources: Mental health support + local community providers|offerings

Want to learn more? 👉🏼

Disclaimer: This resource is to not be duplicated, re-sold, or copied.

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