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NEW Workshop: Energy Recharge

Do you... 💥Feel overwhelmed? 💥Not feel good enough? 💥Fear failure? The anxiety and stress that comes with trying new things or stepping outside our comfort zone can leave us feeling I C K Y !! Do you want to learn how to… 🌿GROUND your energy? 🌿Release and let go of stagnant, icky energy that keeps you feeling stuck? 🌿Use holistic ways to feel more empowered and gain clarity in your life? 🌿Maintain a healthy lifestyle moving forward?

Join Alicia (a holistic psychotherapist) and Lauren (registered nurse and reiki master sound healer) at Centre Yoga in Peabody, MA for a powerful workshop to help guide you towards claiming what is yours emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This dynamic evening will provide you with valuable tools to feel grounded, empowered, and energetically cleansed. The workshop will conclude with a energetic cleanse and reset with a reiki infused sound bath!

August 11th, 2021 | 7pm | Centre Yoga Studio Peabody, MA


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