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Intro Into Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Women’s Health topics and quality providers can often be emotional and difficult to

discuss and find. Some of us may have been told “that’s just how it is”, “part of being a woman.”

But that doesn’t have to be the case, there is help is out there!

Women’s bodies can come with unique challenges. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists hold an immense amount of knowledge on the pelvic floor and how it connects to the rest of your entire body. Your pelvic floor holds up all your organs, it is connected to your back, your hips, your feet, even your throat! Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists specialize in helping guide and empower women who have issues during pregnancy and postpartum, like leaking or prolapse. They can provide support for women athletes, women who struggle with pain from menstruation, painful intercourse, endometriosis, pre and postnatal pain, pelvic, SIJ or coccyx pain, low-back, hip and groin pain, urinary incontinence, irregular bowel movements and more!

There are providers who hold this knowledge out there who can provide support and help you learn about your body and how to correct it and provide yourself much relief. Typically, during assessment and session with your provider, you are learning! They are teaching you about your body; how things are connected and function. They help you become aware of how sitting, driving, walking differently, picking up your baby, and even your stress levels, can all contribute to some of these issues.

Understanding your body is empowering and makes you feel in control of your treatment. It feels

good! These providers are most often trauma informed as well and approach treatment with the

least amount of invasiveness as possible. If you struggle with any of these issues or think you

might benefit from Pelvic Floor PT, we encourage you to reach out to a provider in your area to

schedule an intake. This work is truly life changing!

You can learn more about this type of service in our recent wellness seminar with Caitlin Hsu, DPT of Radiant PT.


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