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Springing into Wellness with Seasonal Fruits + Veggies

Healing through food is an easy thing that we can do for our physical and mental health. You don't need to go shopping at Whole Foods to find these items. There are plenty of places that have organic fruits and veggies (even at MarketBasket), but I love supporting local, family owned businesses!

Some places that I love are:

Here are some benefits of our favorite fruits + veggies:

PLUMS | helps regulate body's pH, manage cholesterol levels, boosts immune system

PEAS | high in fiber, diabetes protection, regulation of blood pressure, boosts immune system, supports digestion, anti-aging, cardiovascular protection.

PINEAPPLES | boosts immune system, regulates digestion, increases energy levels

AVOCADOS | boosts immune system, protects eye health, maintains cardiovascular health

CUCUMBERS | regulates digestion, helps with circulation, cardiovascular protection, protects brain health, boosts immune system

ARTICHOKES | cleans the blood, cardiovascular protection, boosts immune system, improves and protects memory

EGGPLANTS | rich in many vitamins + minerals, regulates digestion, boosts immune system, maintains cardiovascular health

LETTUCE | antioxidants, supports bones and joints, strengthens nerve cells

TOMATOES | protects cardiovascular health, supports skin health, great for bone health, protects eye health, prevents progression of neurological disorders, boosts immune system

STRAWBERRIES | high in antioxidants + fiber

Want to learn more about the role food plays with our mental and physical health? Visit the Medical Medium's website 👉🏼

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